A Detailed Review On Leprechaun The Movie

David DuBos wrote the screenplay for Leprechaun 3, a 1995 comedy, fantasy, and horror film that was released in the United States. Mark Jones is the creator of all of the characters in the Leprechaun film series, of which this is the third installment. The plot revolves around a nefarious leprechaun who goes on a murder spree in Las Vegas, also known as “the city that never sleeps.”

However, according to audience ratings, the film receives a 34 percent rating. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has a rating of 0% approval. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB), which also reviewed the film, gave it a 4.8 out of 10 rating. The majority of viewers enjoyed the film and thought it was funny, but they felt it lacked terrifying scenes that gave them chills.

The First Victims of the Leprechaun and His Appearance

Gupta, the pawn shop owner, purchases a leprechaun statue from a mysterious stranger who only has one hand, one eye, and one leg. The figure is wearing a golden medallion, which the stranger warns him not to take off under any circumstances. He disregards the advice and takes the medal for himself; as soon as he does, the statue transforms into a psychotic Leprechaun who vows to kill anyone who has his gold. Gupta becomes his first victim and is eventually strangled to death with a phone cord.

Scott McCoy, a college student, is on his way to California and can’t wait to visit Las Vegas for the first time. He falls in love with a cocktail waitress who moonlights as an aspiring magician and invites her to the Lucky Shamrock Casino, where she works. Scott attempts to gamble, but he loses all of his money at the Roulette wheel. As a result, he decides to sell his Rolex at a pawn shop to obtain some quick cash.

Scott discovers the owner’s lifeless body there, and while speaking with the authorities, he unknowingly takes the lucky gold coins that the Leprechaun left behind for the person who finds them and grants their wish. A computer next to him on the counter stated that in folklore, one wish can grant a mortal any and all of their heart’s desires permanently. When Scott is informed of this, he responds with sarcasm by wishing for a winning streak, and the magic of the coin transports him back to the casino.

Shortly after, the Leprechaun appears and bites Scott while retrieving the golden coin. Some of Leprechaun’s green blood spills into Scott’s wound while he is throwing Leprechaun out the hotel window, transforming Scott into a mature version of the creature with green skin, an Irish accent, and Irish-sounding speech. Meanwhile, the murderous leprechaun survived the fall and is continuing his practice of murdering anyone who dared to touch his gold coins.

A Leprechaun is to blame for the deaths of three casino workers

Scott is taken advantage of by two casino employees, Loretta and Fazio, following his big win at the casino. They take turns passing the coin around, obviously unaware of the impending threat that is about to be presented to them. Another employee, Mitch, wishes he could have sexual relations with Tammy. Loretta desires a new body, while Fazio desires to be the greatest magician in the world.

Mitch is the first victim of Leprechaun, and he is murdered when he goes up to have sex with Tammy. Mitch was the first person killed by Leprechaun. Loretta steals the coin just as this is happening, and after it has left the room, Tammy finally breaks free of her trance and leaves. The Leprechaun then enters and uses his magic to turn on the television, where a woman who looks exactly like Tammy is repeatedly reciting Mitch’s name. She then emerges from behind the television and begins kissing him. Mitch raises his head as he hears the voice of the Leprechaun on the television. When he turns around to face the woman, he realizes she is a sex robot who will kill him with an electric shock.

Loretta is the next victim of the Leprechaun. You can almost see her wishing she still had her twenty-year-old body, and then it happens. When the Leprechaun confronts her in Fazio’s dressing room, she reveals to him that she no longer has possession of the coin. In exchange, he blows up her breasts, lips, and buttocks to ridiculous proportions. When she frantically attempts to flee, her inflated buttocks become wedged against the door, preventing her escape. Following that, the doorframe shatters, causing Loretta to lose her cool.

Fazio’s death came last and was the most tragic of all. The appearance of the Leprechaun during his performance leads everyone to believe that he is an essential part of the show. The audience enthusiastically applauded and begged for the greatest magic trick, which involved being sawed in half with a chainsaw. This time, however, the Leprechaun was armed with a real chainsaw and was determined to saw Fazio in half. Fazio wished for the Leprechaun to appear at Caesar’s palace because he knew the Leprechaun would kill him; however, the wish was not granted, and the Leprechaun informed Fazio that he had already used his only wish. When the audience sees the blood and gore surrounding Fazio’s death, they start screaming in terror.

The film’s conclusion

Finally, Scott sets fire to the Leprechaun’s gold, causing it to burst into flames and transforming Scott back into his human form. Overall, the film is a delightfully surprising source of entertainment. Where the Leprechaun falls short in terms of horror, the film more than makes up for it with its wry sense of humour, which makes his acts of violence all the more disturbing. This film inspired the themes of popular Leprechaun casino games, such as Lucky Leprechaun, which can be found in online slot casinos in the United States.