My Visit to New York in Las Vegas

My husband and I just went to Las Vegas to be away from each other for a few days. After much deliberation, we decided to make our reservation at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. We’ve been going to that casino for about two decades, and we both like playing the games there. We can go to the strip in a 45-minute fly from our home base. It truly is that easy.

We just go to Las Vegas to gamble, whilst others go to see concerts and other sorts of entertainment. There is no other atmosphere like the one seen in the casinos. Casinos are fantastic places that offer a wealth of gaming possibilities, exquisite cuisine, and an electric environment due to the vast number of consumers present. There are casinos in my hometown, but they are usually considerably smaller and packed with a lot of smoke.

Non-gambling forms of entertainment

We do not always gamble. People-watching is a must-do pastime in Las Vegas, and it is also the least costly kind of entertainment. There, you will meet and witness some of the most intriguing and diverse personalities. When we were there before, there were even people walking along the street dressed entirely in S&M gear.

Las Vegas food is of exceptional quality. The breakfast buffets are wonderful, and I love dining there in the morning. There are several possibilities, all of which offer delectable tastes. The Wynn’s buffet is my favorite of the bunch. The hotel is beautiful, the staff is kind and helpful, and the restaurant is superb.

This story will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look into our trip to Las Vegas, as well as a few essential travel tips to keep in mind while you’re there.

Four Pieces of Advice for First-Time Las Vegas Visitors

I’ve traveled to Vegas so many times that I’ve picked up a few handy tidbits along the way. Some of these concepts are obvious to me today, while others took a lot of effort to grasp. These are the four main things I recommend everyone planning a trip to Las Vegas do while they’re there.

Avoid attracting attention to yourself by flaunting large quantities of money in public. Use your hotel’s safe and keep your money in a secure spot.

Don’t even think of renting a car for transportation! The traffic is terrible, and parking will be unreasonably expensive for you. Instead of taking a cab to and from the airport, use ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft to save money. Use the resort monorail system to get between the various resort properties, especially during the summer months when it is too hot to walk the strip.

Get a Player’s Card: This is the club card that casinos use to identify their customers and reward them with comps and other perks. You can get one very quickly at most casinos, and they may be extremely beneficial, especially if you end up playing a lot or winning a lot of money. Your player’s card may entitle you to free meals and even a complimentary hotel stay.

Remember to leave gratuities for your wait staff: When playing table games, this is very important. If you tip the people who bring you drinks, you may be sure that they will keep bringing you more when you run out. Tipping the vendor is also a considerate gesture.

Revealed: My Stay at the New York, New York Hotel

Making a selection in Las Vegas may be difficult due to the enormous number of hotels available. To be honest, one of the reasons we selected New York-New York was that it is one of the older hotels on the strip. It sends my husband and me back to Las Vegas which initially grabbed our hearts twenty years ago, thanks to its retro appeal.

We appreciate being on the strip because it puts us right in the heart of the action; however, this position comes with a cost. In terms of value, Las Vegas has gotten more costly, but New York City continues to offer a reasonable return on investment for visitors’ money. We thought it was amazing that we could see the Statue of Liberty as well as the rollercoaster from our window. Furthermore, the people that worked in this casino looked to have a more grounded manner.

Despite the popcorn ceilings, which are a definite clue of their age, the rooms themselves are huge and tidy, and the entire staff is as kind as they come. We requested more pillows, and housekeeping quickly gave them to us. Furthermore, when we checked out, the bellhops took care of our things, freeing up some of our time for gaming. When one considers both this and the monorail, which will take us to whichever resort we wish to visit on that given day, the significance of New York-New York becomes clear.

Dining at a Hotel Restaurant

As I previously stated, my family and I are avid lovers of buffets of all kinds, and our experience at NYNY was no exception. We did visit a few other venues throughout our trip in New York City, some of which were specifically situated in New York City. Even though they provide a few upscale dining options, we don’t find them appealing. My spouse and I did split a gigantic cheese pizza from their pizzeria. I ate every last bit of the crust because it was so good. In addition, we ate some Nathan’s hot dogs, because one cannot visit Nathan’s restaurant without purchasing a dog!

The most enjoyment may be had by spending time playing at casinos

The casinos are the main reason we came to “Sin City.” We gambled every day, frequently many times a day. There is a large number of casinos to choose from. It is not always easy to decide which one to play.

The minimum bets at older resort tables are often lower, which may be helpful. If you are sincerely engaged in the success of your game, though, you should consider joining a table with a higher necessary initial commitment. You’ll be fighting against other experienced players, and the odds at these tables are usually better than normal.

Table Games We Enjoy

Blackjack is my favorite game since it allows me to use both my skill and luck more than other games. It’s not difficult to learn, and I feel like I do rather well most of the time when I do play it. Craps, on the other hand, is one of my husband’s favorite games. Sometimes, you’ll find me at the table next to him. Craps, on the other hand, has a lot going on, and I don’t feel like I grasp it yet.

It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing; when everyone at your table is having a good time and performing well, the fun factor skyrockets. As they compete, people are continually high-fiving and congratulating one another. You get a great feeling of the sense of community that exists there. Everyone’s moods are lifted by the fact that everyone is given free alcohol.

The Approach I Take When Gambling

When to bet, what to bet on, and when to walk away — When I’m at a table, I’ll sit down with a couple of hundred bucks and begin making tiny bets. If I start to get ahead of myself, I’ll raise the size of my bets. I must keep track of my earnings in a separate stack from my initial stack while refilling my starting amount. My only goal is to play the money that I win. After that, I set a goal of leaving the table when my profit is 50% of my initial investment or after I’ve been playing for a long time and am maintaining a score near to the amount I started with.

Gambling must be viewed as a sort of entertainment, and I always follow the age-old adage that you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose. My vacation to Las Vegas will be considered a success if I can play a game that I love for at least two hours without losing any money. This will satisfy the reason I traveled there.

Maintain your poise. For example, at a blackjack table, players may periodically grow angry about trivial matters. People aren’t hitting at the right time or splitting when they shouldn’t be doing either. You can’t afford to be concerned by any of this. In the end, you’re playing a game of chance, and the outcomes are determined by chance.

Casino Game Instructions I like to do some research before going to the casino so that I know where the best games are. As a result, I examine this guide to the games available at Las Vegas casinos. It shows me which casinos have certain games and how favorable the odds are for the player. It also shows me how good my chances are.

The Panic that Comes with a Big Win on a Slot Machine

Aside from the tables, when we want to spend our time in a way that is both pleasurable and relaxing, as well as affordable, we will periodically visit the penny slot machines. I’ve never had any luck with the slot machines. In most situations, it is little more than a way to pass the time and get more free drinks. It was highly surprising for me to walk away from a penny slot machine with over $1,600 in winnings.

If you win more than $1,200 from a slot machine, you must report the earnings to the federal government on your taxes. As a result, the casino dispatched an employee to my location right away to obtain my name, address, and social security number. After only a few moments, they handed me with tax documentation and a large bundle of cash. The employees were exceptional, and they even congratulated me. Everything about the experience appeared to be surreal.

Conclusions and Thoughts on My Time at NY in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been one of my favorite destinations. That is not going to change anytime soon. If you want a Vegas experience that is evocative of the city’s early days and contains players who are anchored in reality, New York-New York is an ideal place to stay. There is no doubt in my mind that I will return.

If, on the other hand, you want a more sophisticated and up-to-date hotel setting, the Aria or the Encore are better options. Each of these locations are amazing, and I’ve had the pleasure of staying at both of them. They emit a very different atmosphere. Remember that regardless of where you stay, you are free to go visit and play at any number of various sites.

Spend some time in the casinos trying your luck. If you opt to play your favorite table game, you have nothing to worry about. There is usually a quiet environment at tables with low buy-ins, and the players are all fairly friendly. Under no circumstances can the importance of penny slots be underestimated! Have a lovely time, and best wishes!