Nigeria’s Top Activities and Attractions

The world recognizes Nigeria primarily as the country with the largest population of people of African descent and the location of the world’s second-largest film industry. However, the majority of non-Nigerians are unaware that tourism in Nigeria is gradually becoming more popular.

According to government data, it contributes $1.5 billion to the country’s economy, making it the most robust in Africa. In the grand scheme of things, this sum is so insignificant that it only accounts for 0.3 percent of Nigeria’s total GDP. Despite this, tourism’s contribution is growing year after year, which is very encouraging.

One piece of evidence supporting this claim is that contributions from this sector totaled only $1.08 billion in 2016. Since more people have become aware of the wonders that Nigeria has to offer as a result of the proliferation of the internet over the last decade, there has been a consistent increase in the number of foreign tourists interested in visiting the country.

Those who are completely unfamiliar with Nigeria and its people should be informed that, contrary to what they may have heard in the West, the country is quite secure. The majority of Nigerians are fluent English speakers who exude an infectious amount of energy. As a result, Western visitors should have no trouble navigating the country. They should keep in mind that Nigeria is a generally hot country, with temperatures reaching as high as 48 degrees Celsius in cities such as Maiduguri. As a result, it is critical to bring sunblock with you.

There are no major obstacles that should prevent anyone from visiting the most diverse country in West Africa and experiencing the country’s vibrant culture, so there is no reason not to go. Those planning to attend this trip should include the following activities on their itinerary.

Travel to Lagos

Lagos, one of the busiest seaports on the Dark Continent, has a skyline that combines ultramodern and colonial European structures. Among these is the NECOM tower, which stands at 160 meters and is the tallest structure in West Africa. Lagos has many amazing places to visit.

The Makoko Floating Village is a one-of-a-kind inner-city slum that has been dubbed the “Venice of Africa,” and anyone who has the opportunity to visit it should not pass it up. Lagos also has a thriving nightlife, with dozens of quality nightclubs and the Federal Palace Casino, which is widely regarded as one of Africa’s most prestigious gambling establishments. The latter can be found on Victoria Island. In addition to its gaming floor, where players can engage in activities such as blackjack and roulette spins, the Federal Palace offers opulent lodging options for guests.

Visit the Osun Sacred Grove

This sacred grove can be found on the banks of the Osun River, on the outskirts of Osogbo. It was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015. It has been around for a few hundred years, and its tree-filled landscape is one of the few surviving examples of the primary high forest region that once covered much of southern Nigeria.

This grove is home to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility and one of the gods of the Yoruba religion. Even a century ago, there were many sacred groves in the region formerly known as Yorubaland. However, the vast majority of these have been largely forgotten in recent times. As a result, you should not pass up the opportunity to purchase the Osun while it is still in relatively good condition.

Make Your Reservations for Yankari National Park Today!

The Yankari National Park is a large tract of land located in the south-central region of Bauchi State in North-East Nigeria. Bauchi State is one of the states that make up Nigeria’s North-East region. It was established in 1956 as a game reserve, but in 1991 it was converted into a national park instead of being used for game preservation. It is currently one of the most popular eco-destinations in West Africa, and thousands of tourists visit each year to enjoy the naturally occurring warm water springs and admire the diverse flora and fauna.

Visit the Mountain of Prayer

Anyone who has researched Nigeria knows that the country’s southern region is predominantly Christian, while the country’s northern region is predominantly Muslim. There are seven Muslim Emirs in the north, with one of them based in Zaria, Kaduna state. It’s worth noting that a sizable proportion of the local population identifies as Christian. Residents of Zaria who identify as Christians have built secret houses of worship in a rugged region known as Prayer Mountain Hanwa over several decades. It’s a mysterious and remote location with a dreamlike atmosphere.

Take a swim in Iyake’s Suspended Lake

Ado-Awaye is a small town in the state of Oyo that is home to a natural wonder that is sure to amaze nature lovers who seek out unusual settings. There are only two other lakes like this one on the planet. Those in Lagos can take a three and a half hour drive through Abeokuta to Ado-Awaye. They can see many of Nigeria’s lush greens along the way. After completing this drive, they will have to walk for three hours to reach the mysterious lake, which is a gift from Mother Nature. On Sundays, members of the local community will travel up to the hill where the lake is perched to play sacred music.