The Current Situation of Arizona Football

There are some concerns about head coach Jedd Fisch’s competence, and the Arizona football squad currently lacks a substantial amount of quality. The current state of Arizona football is not good. Because they attend the majority of the games, fans may provide the most accurate estimate of their team’s chances. There are always more than enough pessimists and realists to compensate for those who are overly optimistic about their chances of success.

It is now seven games into the season, and the Wildcats have lost every game thus far, indicating that there are far more people who are pessimistic than optimistic right now. The record hasn’t improved much in the last two years, with only nine wins in more than twenty games played. You can now use a valid Arizona promo code to get a discount on your wagers on their upcoming games. What changes might Arizona make to their starting lineup, and is there reason to be optimistic about the future despite the season’s poor start?

Is Jedd Fisch Qualified to Be a Coach?

The majority of team problems can be traced back to the coach. After all, the coach is in charge of selecting the lineups and strategically organizing the team. At this level, coaches must have extensive experience as well as a high level of professionalism. Although Fisch has significant experience and professionalism, some fans believe he is not what the club needs right now.

Fisch previously worked for the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, where he served as quarterbacks coach for the Patriots and as associate offensive coordinator and senior offensive assistant for the Rams. In addition, Fisch served as the head football coach of the University of California, Los Angeles football team for the final two games of the 2017 season (UCLA). Although he has previously served as an assistant coach for a number of college and professional teams, this will be his first time as head coach.

Fisch hasn’t had much success as a head coach since being hired for the first time in December of 2020. It was difficult to pass judgment on him during his first season because a large number of his staff members were absent; however, he’s also had bad luck with key player injuries since then. However, a significant number of supporters have spoken out against the new hire. Many people assumed that the decision was made by Bobby Robbins, the University’s President, rather than the Athletic Director. Given this information, the question of why a team would require the services of an Athletic Director in the first place arises, given that the University President will be making athletic decisions.

The fact that Fisch had no prior experience as a head coach before coming to Arizona is the primary source of concern among fans. It is far more difficult to serve as a team’s head coach than it is to serve as an offensive assistant or offensive coordinator. Your players and coaching staff must be able to buy into the system and culture that you have established. It is critical that you demonstrate that you will not put up with nonsense and that you will always accept responsibility for the outcomes of the games in which your team participates. Because there is so little room for error in college football, it is critical to demonstrate that you are capable of winning on a consistent basis rather than just occasionally. Jedd Fisch has yet to complete this task.

What does Arizona’s bright future hold?

As of now, it appears that there isn’t much-encouraging information to be provided about Arizona and its plans. Due in large part to significant injuries, a subpar performance during the 2020 season has now been compounded by a disastrous beginning to the 2021 campaign. The fact that Arizona will be without much offensive capability for the remainder of the season as a result of a significant injury to quarterback Jordan McCloud has a significant bearing on the team’s performance overall.

Aside from this, though, the club is built of some extremely talented players overall. On offense, you have men such as Stanley Berryhill, Jalen John, and Jamarye Joiner, to name a few. Jamarye Joiner is another offensive threat. Defense is another area in which Arizona has been much more effective than under the previous government. In alternative situations, they might have won a few games as a result of their outstanding performance, but in this one, luck has often been on the opposite side of the ledger. It is currently unknown how long Arizona will continue to use Fisch, although it is extremely likely that he will continue to do so at least through the end of the current season. That, nobody knows what the future holds for Arizona after this point.